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Updated 3/21/20
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3 in 1 gels, 5-free, 7-free, 8 mils, 10% bleach, 10-free, 1, 180 grit, 4-dioxane, 50% cure, 70% isopropyl alcohol,

9:1 ratio


abnormal growth, abrasion, abrasions, abrasive, abrasives, absorb, absorption, activated carbon, accidental spills, accelerators, acetate, acetone, acetone-free, acid primers, acidic, acquired, acrylates, acrylic, acrylics,  acrylic beads, acrylic chemistry, acrylic powder, activator, activist, additives, activated charcoal, adsorption, adhesion, adhesion loss, adhesion activators, promoter, adhesive, adhesive nail strips, adhesives, adverse reactions, adverse skin reaction, adverse skin reactions, adult stem cells, age, aggressive filing, airborne, air filter, air purifier, air quality, alkaline, allergic, allergic contact dermatitis, allergic reaction, allergic reactions, allergies, allergy, allergen, allergy medication, Alliance of International, antiseptics, Aromatherapists, aluminum oxide, animal, antibacterial, anti-bacterial, antibiotic, anti-fungal agents, antiseptic, antiseptics, appropriate ventilation, arch, arcylate copolymers, argan oil, aromatherapy oil, art, artificial nail, artificial nail coatings, ask why and how, athlete’s foot, authorized dealers, authorized distributor, autoclaves, avocado, avocado oil, avoid skin problems, animal lover, animal testing


baby feet, babussu oil, baby, bacteria, bad habits, ban, barefoot, barrier, barrier creams, base coat, basic, basin, bathing, bead consistency, bead ratio, Bead sterilizers, Beaus lines, beautification, Burst, bubble, bulbs

bed, bed epithelium, bentonite clay, Benzoyl peroxide, benzoyl peroxide (BPO) under-cure, Bergamot, biofilm, biofilms, biotin, birth defects, BISGMA, bit, black nail, bleach, blister, bleeding

blood borne, blood cancer, blood circulation, bonder, bonds, bone, bone enhancements, bones, booth renter, bottle warmer, bowl, BPO, brain cancer, break, breakage, breaking, breaking systems, breathe, breathing zone,  brittle, brittleness, broad spectrum, brush size #8, brush size #10, Bubble art, buffered acetonebuilding codes, builder gel, bulb, bumps, burn, Burning butylene glycol, By-products


calcium, calcium chloride,callouscallus, cancer, candida, capric acid, caprylic acid, carbon dioxide, carbon carmine, carbon carcinogens, capillaries, carpal  carriers, carbon filter, CAS#, catalyst, CCFL, C-curve, CDC, Celiac tunnel syndrome, disease,  center pocket lifting, Center for Disease Control, certified organic, chains, chemical, chemicals, chemical-free, chemotherapy, cherry picking, Chinese nail products, chlorohexidine, Certification II, children, chipping, chromium, CI, CIR, citrus, clay, clean, cleaning, cleanser, clinical level training, club nails, clumpy, cobalt, coconut oil, cold hands, cold temperature, cold temperatures, collagen, Color changing, color, colorants, color change, color index, colored nail powder, colored acrylic powder, colored inks, combustible, compatibility, compulsive behavior, con-artists, concentrated, concentration, conditioning, conflicting research, Conola oil, consistency, contamination, contamination control, COPD, co-polymer, copy-cat, corn startch, corrosive, corrosion cosmetic, cosmetic, cosmetic claims, cosmetic-grade, Cosmetic Ingredient Review, cosmetics, cosmetic manufacturers, cosmetic products, cosmetic reconstruction, critical thinking, Cyanoacrylates, cotton ball, cough, counterfeit, counterfeit nail products, cover image, crack, cracks, cracking, crack service,cure, breakdown, crevices, craft, craft glitter, cross-contamination, cross-linking,  cross-links cure, cyanoacrylate, cyclomethicone, curette, curing, curing agent, curling, curvature, cut, cuticle, cuticle oil, cuts, cutting, cyanoacrylate, cysts, CBD, CBD distillates


damage, damp shoes, dark stripe, DBP, D&C, Death by a Thousand Cuts, deceptive headlines, deficiency, deficiencies, deformed naildehumidifier, dehydrate, dehydration, dehydrator, dehydrators, delamination,dendrimer, depth of cure, dermatophyes, desiccant, designer polymer, detox, detoxifying, diabetic, diabetes, diagnosis, Dibutyl Phthalate, diet, digestive tract, diluting, dimethicone, diode, dip powder, dip resins, dip systems, dipping systems, diodes, direction, discernment layer, discolor, discoloration, disinfect, disinfectants, disinfection, dispersion layer, disposable, disposal, distal, distributors,  DIY, DIY nails, double-dipping, doctors masks, double dipping, doctor, doctor fish, dorsal matrix, Dremel, drinks, drinking, Dr. Joe Schwarcz, drowsiness, dry nails, dryness, dry skin, dry feet, durability, durable, dust, dusts, dust-free, dust mask, dusts, dye, dyes, dry heat, Dust collector, dust filter,dwell time, dichloromethane


Ecocert, education, E-file, e-file bits, e-file manicure, electric file, EMA, embalming fluid, emergency first aid, emulsifier, enamel, e-filing, energy, enhancement, enhancements, Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, eponychium, essential oil, essential oils, ethyl acetate, ethyl ether, ethyl methacrylate, evaporation, exageration, excessive buffing, excessive iron, exotherm, expand, expiration dates, expired dates, expired products, exposure, exposure to x-rays, exthoxylation, exothermic, eye


FFP2, FFP3, fade, Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, fake alergy testing, fake information, fake nails, fake news, false claims, fast set, fatty acids, FDA, fear, fear-based marketing, fear-based activist, fear-based advocacy groups, fear-based marketers, fear-based marketing, Fear-mongering, feet, fiber fiberglass wraps, fibrils, fibrils file, filing, filing technique, filings, finger, fingernails, first-aid, fish pedicures, flammability, flammable, flashpoint, fleet, flexibility, flexible, flowable solid, fluid, fluorescent, foils, food, foot bath, foot odor, foot scrub, formaldehyde, free-edge, friction, free radical, friction burn, frosting, fruit, full spectrum, fumes, fungal, fungal infection, fungal infections, fungi, fungus, fuzzy


gas, GCMS, gel, gels, gel colors

gel manicure, gel polish, gem stones, genetics, Germany, germs, glass files, glitter, gloves, glue, gluten, glycerin, glycol, glycoproteins, government regulations, granulations, grapeseed oil, gray, gray nail, grooves,


habit tic, hair, hand dip, handheld UV sterilizer, hand sanitizers, hand washing, hard, harden skins, hardness, headache, health, Health, harsh solvent , Canada, FDA, heat, heat detectors, heat spikes, HEPA, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HEMA, HEMA-free, hereditary, Hindu stone, histamines, HIV, hives, holding hands, high-risk, home kits, homopolymer, hormones, hormone replacement therapy, hospitals, hot oil, hot oil manicures, HPMA, HQHRT, humectant, HVAC, hydrate, hydrophilic, hydroquinone, hyperhidrosis, hypersensitivity, hypersensitive, hypoallergenic, hypochlorite, hyponychium, hydrolyzed keratin, hydroxyethyl methacrylate, humidifier, HQ, hydrating


ice container, ICMAD, ideas, immune, immune response,  immune system, immune system opportunities, implements, importation rules, improper cure, improper removal, impurities, INCI, incubation period, indicator organisms, infected nail, infection, infection control, infections, infectious organisms, inflammable, ingestion, ingredients, inhalation, inhale, inhibition layer, initiators ink, injury, innovation, instant answers, internal water pressure, Internet, internet misinformation, Internet myths, invasive manicure, Ionic, iontophoresis, iron oxide, irritation, isopropyl alcohol, itch, itching, itchy skin, industrial-grade


jeans, jojoba, jojoba oil, jubula, juice, Junk Science,


keratin, keratinized, keratinization, kerydine, knuckle, Koebner Phenomena, Komen, Komen Foundation,


L&P, lacquer, lakes, lamp, lamisil, laser, latex, lauric acid, lava, lavender oil, lawsuits, lead, LED, lemon, Lichen planus, lifestyle change, lifting, light, lighting, lime, linen, linked to, linolenc acid, linoleic oleic acid, lipophilic, liquid, Liquid/Powder Nail Coatings, liquid and powder, liquid skin, liver damage, load, loaded question, log book,  long term over exposure, low odor, lunula,


macadamia nu oil, malaria, malignant melanoma, mandrel, manicure, manufacture, manufacturer’s direction, Marketing claims, Marketing deception Mark Twain, marker pens nail art, material safety data sheets, matrix, matrix damage, matrix injury, media, medical, medical condition, medical drug, medication, medications, medicine, medical pedicurist, medical procedures, medium chain length, MEHQ, melanin, menopause, metallic cats eye polish, metallic taste, methacrylates, methylene glycol, methyl methacrylate, metal, methylchloroisothiazoli, methylene, microdermabrasion, microorganisms, micron, micronized calcium, microorganism, mil, mineral oil, misinformation, mislabeling, mixing product lines, mixing products, MMA, mix ratio, molecular structure, moisture, moisture magnetmoisturize, moisturizer, moisturizing,

mold, molecules, mono, monomer, monomer liquid, monomer-rich, monomers, monomer warmers, motorized masks, MRSA, MSDS, myth, myths, misdiagnosis, methylene chloride, methanol


N95, N-95, N99, nail adhesive, nail anatomy, nail barrier, nail bed, nail biter, nail bitting, nail break, nail buffer, nail coating, nail damage, nail dehydrator, Nail dipping, nail educators, nail file, nail files, nail fold, nail glue, nail grow, nail growth, nail infections, nail lamp, nail layers, nail matrix, Nail Manufacturers Council on Safety, nail matrix, nail oil, nail oils, nail penetration, nail plate, nail polish, nail polish dryer, nail prep, nail preparation, nail primer, nail properties, nail repair, nail removal, nail seals, nail stain, nail structure, nail surface damage, natural, natural nail, natural oil, natural nail service, natural nail service/treatment, Natural nail anatomy, natural nail structure, nail strengthener, nail vitamins, nature, neutral, news media, newspaper print, nickle, nickel, nicotine, nipper, nitrile, Nitrocellulose, NMC, non-acetone, non-acrylic, non-porous, non-standard nail, no-light gel, no-light gels, none, non-toxic, nose, nurse, nutrient, nutrients, nylon, NIH



odor, odors, odor-free, odorless, oil, occlusive agent, oil channels, oil manicure, oil soluble, oligo, oligomer, oligomers, oil manicures, oily plates, oily residue, omega-3 fatty acids, onychodermal band, onychomycosis, onycholysis, opportunistic, opportunistic organisms, oral, organic, organically grown, organic certified, organic farming, organic gels, osteoarthritis, other coatings, oxidation, over cure, over expose, over exposure, overexposure symptoms, over-filing, over growth, overgrown, overheat, overfilling, oxygen, ozone


pain, paint, palmitic acid, palm kernel oil, panthenol, paper, paraben, parabens, paraffin, paronychia, particle size, patch testing, pathogen, pathogens, patina, PCPC, pedicure, pedicure and foot related, peeling, penetration, penlac, pH, pH balancer, phalange, photoinitiator, photoinitiators, photosensitivity, phototherapy, photo toxicity, phthalate, physical, physical trauma, phytophotodermatitis, pickup, pigment, pigments, pincer nail, pinching, pinching sidewalls, pits, pitting, pivot points, planar, plate, plate thickening, plasticizers, Plexiglas, PNF, podiatrist, polish, polish drying, Polish, Other Coatings and Adhesive, politicians, polyethyl/methyl methacrylatepolyMMA, polymer, polymers, polymer chains, polymerization, polypropylene, polyvinyl, poor circulation, psoriasis, porous, porous nail files, powder, powder gel, power cord, PPM, pre-cleaned, pregnancy, premature skin aging, prenatal, prep, prescribe, preservative, preservatives, preassure private, private-label, problem solving, product misuse prohibit, product identification, product/service quality, Product/Service Quality and Safety, Professional, prolonged contact, prolonged/repeated contact, Prop 65, Proposition 65proper cure, proper curing, proper disposal, proper storage, properties, propylene, proper ventilation, prosthetic nail, prosthetic nails, protective eye wear, protective safety equipment, protein, proteins, proximal nail fold, Pseudomonas infections, psoriasis, pterygium, porosity, puffery, pull back, pumice, pumice stones, pure, purity, pusher, PVA, pseudomonas, psi, pop, pedicure chair


Quacks, Quackwatch.org, question answers, Question 367, Question 368, Question 369, Question 370, Question 371, Question 372, Question 373, Question 374, Question 375, Question 376, Question 377,


radiation, rancid, rash, reconstruction, redness, regulations, Refill rehydrate, rehydration, reinfection, relative humidity,removal, remover, relapse, resin, repeated contact, respiratory problems, retail, reusable, RH, ridges, risk, risk identification, risky ingredients, risks, rubber, rubbing, rubbing alcohol, runny nose, Russian manicue, rust, removers


safe handling, safe levels of exposure, safe salon, safe use, safety, safety data, Safety Data Sheet, Safety Data Sheets, safety equipment, safe working conditions, sheets, salmon patches, salon safety, salon services, salon temperature, sanitation, sanitize, sanitizer, sanitizing, sanitation and disinfection, scalp burns, scientific expert, scientific studies, scratch, SCCS, scope of practice, sculpting gel, scrub brush, SDS, seal, seaweed, sebaceous gland, secondary infection, self-leveling, sensitive, sensitizer, sensitized, sensory irritation, service breakdown, Service Breakdown/Filing/Prep, separating, set time, shades, shadowing, sharpies, sharp shatter, shear thinning, shearing forces, shelf-life, shifted, shoes,short-term exposure,  shock-cure, short term over exposure, shrink, shrinkage, showering, sidewalls, silica gel, silicon, silicon carbide, silicone, silk, silver, ski hop/ski jump/spoon nails, skin, skin absorption, skin allergen, skin allergy, skin allergies, skin barrier, skin cancer, skin contact, skin irritation, skin patch testing, skin protection, skin sanitizers,  skin sensitivity, skin tag, smelly feet, smoking, snake skin, soaking, socks, Socrates, Socratic Method, sodium, sodium hypochlorite, softeners, solehorn, solidifying, solute, solvent, solvent remover, solvent resistance, solvents, sores, source capture, source capture, source capture ventilation, speed set, SPF, splinter hemorrhages, splitting, spore, spore testing, squalene, square, stabilizers, stages of cure, stain, staining, stains, Standard Precautions, standards, staph infection state board, statistics, steam, steam-off, sterilization, sterilize, storage, storage/disposal, stored properly, strength, stress zone, stringy strong, study, stringy, strong, study, sugar, sunlight, sunscreen, superficial, supplements, surfactants, surface contaminant, surface damage, surface layers, surface nail damage, surface oils, Sulfur dioxide, surface oil, surgery, sweet almond oil, swelling, symptoms, ynthetic, system, systems, sweat, swell, swelling, swimming, synthetic toxicants, systems, stratum corneum, shards


tacky interface, take-a-break, tallow, table lamp, tanning beds, tea tree oil, teeth, terminology, terms, tetracycline, therapeutic grade, therapeutic, thickeners, thick nails, thickness, thickened gels, thinner, thinning, throat, throbbing, thumb sucking, time, Tinea Pedis, tin foil, tip adhesives, titanium dioxide, tocopherol, tocopherol acetate, tocopherol linoleate, toenail, toenails, toe separators, titanium, toluene, top coat, top coats, topical, tosylamide, tough, toughness, toxic, toxicologist, toxic trio, toxin-free, toxins, trade secret, trade secrets, trans epiderma, transmission, true color, trauma, tub, tube gels, treatment, TWEL, test kit


uncured, unfair business practice, USDA, USDS, US FDA, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, ultrasonic, under cure, unauthorized dealers, under cure, under-curing, universal, universal powder, universal solvent, unintended consequences,, universal sanitation, unusual conditions, urea, US Trade Commission, UV, UVA, UV absorber, UV blocking, UV bulb, UV-C, UV cure, UV curing, UV energy, UV exposure, UV gel, UV gels, UV gel manicure, UV gel polish, UV gels, UV intensity, UV manicure, UV Nail Coatings, UV nail lamp, UV nail lamps, UV phototherapy, UV resistance, UV shield, UV shields, UV sterilizer, UV wavelength, universal monomer


vapor, vapors, Vaseline, vegan, vegetable oils, ventilation, vicks vapor rub, vinegar, vinyl, viral warts, virus, viruses, visibe light, , vitamin, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitiligo, volatile, viscosity, high-viscosity, low viscosity, medium viscosity,


warranty, water, water allergy, water blisters, water channels, water color, water content, water-less manicure, water-less pedicure, water loss, water manicure, water migration, water-proof, water-resistant, water sanitizers, water soluble, watery eyes, wattage, wavy nail plate, wax, wax hair removal, wax pot, weak, weakening, wear, wavelengths, wheat, wheat germ oil, white gel, white spots, wood, wool, workability, working safely, working safely/avoid skin problems, wraps, WSO, WSO infections, www.DougSchoon.com




yeast, yellow, yellow nail, YouTube


zero tolerance











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