EPISODE 22 – Acetone purity effects on nail coating adhesion; Celiac disease and gluten in nail polish; why some UV cure nail colors “pull back” from the edges (Free Content)

In Episode 22 Doug discusses the effects of acetone purity on nail coating adhesion and how to test purity, whether wheat or gluten in nail polish can affect those with Celiac disease and why some UV cure nail colors pull back more from the edge of the nail plate when they cure or may be more difficult to apply.

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Time:  16 minutes and 55 seconds

Key Words:  Acetone, impurities, purity, adhesion, oily residue, wheat, gluten, Celiac disease, nail polish, nail penetration, absorption, ingestion, shrinkage, pull back, cross-linking, photoinitiator, under cure, allergic, adverse skin reaction, UV gel, gel polish, nail lamp, color, shades, colorants, pigments,  workability, cyanoacrylate monomer, liquid and powder, fiberglass wraps, no-light gels, tip adhesives, acrylates, methacrylates, proper cure, durability, surface oils, natural nail