“Founders-only Special Video”

A warm hello to the Founders of “Face-to-Face with Doug Schoon”.

As a thank you, please enjoy this special Founder’s Only video!  I want to once again, recognize the top 10 founders.  In the video I neglected to mention Founder #2 – Lisa Franzer, but you were NOT forgotten!

Founder #1 – Lisa Chakan; Founder #2 Lisa Franzer; Founder #3 Linda Clemmons Founder #4 Beckie Turner; Founder #5 Lynn Walker; Founder #6 Jennifer Waneck; Founder #7 Jenna Jankowski; Founder #8 Michelle  Stewardson; Founder #9 Ocia  Orthman; Founder #10 Sophia Rejouis.

Welcome aboard to all Founders and enjoy!


Don’t forget to submit your topics and questions for future video consideration to:  DougSchoonsBrain@gmail.com