“Founders-only Special Video”

A warm hello to the Founders of “Face-to-Face with Doug Schoon”.

As a thank you, please enjoy this special Founder’s Only video!  I want to once again, recognize the top 10 founders.  In the video I neglected to mention Founder #2 – Lisa Franzer, but you were NOT forgotten!

Founder #1 – Lisa Chakan; Founder #2 Lisa Franzer; Founder #3 Linda Clemmons Founder #4 Beckie Turner; Founder #5 Lynn Walker; Founder #6 Jennifer Waneck; Founder #7 Jenna Jankowski; Founder #8 Michelle  Stewardson; Founder #9 Ocia  Orthman; Founder #10 Sophia Rejouis.

Welcome aboard to all Founders and enjoy!


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EPISODE 3 – Use “Matched Pairs” of product, the myth of “universal” acrylic powders/UV nail lamps; proper monomer liquid disposal; maintaining autoclaves; myths about white spots “inside” the nail plate (Members Only)

Watch as Doug Schoon discusses proper use of certain types of nail coating systems that he calls “Matched Pairs” of product, e.g. monomer liquids and polymer powders (liquid and powder)…

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