Episode #95

Question 357: Follow up on my report last month about the so-called new miracle product removers,  aka burst removers.

Question 358: My daughter is having an “organic” dip system applied to her nails and I want to educate her.   Can you post something?

Question 359: I always thought the action of rubbing the nail oil into the nail simulated the blood supply, to stimulate nail growth. What are your thoughts on this?

Question 360: I mainly do gel polish application. Everything was great until recently I began experiencing gel color discoloration on almost every clients.  Nothing has changed and I can’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

Question 361: I ordered a liquid monomer from a company  and I chose the universal liquid due to it being hypoallergenic. Aren’t they better?

Question 362: Doug, how do you remember all these chemistry concepts and definitions?