Episode #89

Question 333: What to call the sticky layer often left on the surface of UV cured nail coatings?

Question 334: Is a UV gel any stronger because it is cured with an LED-style or Fluorescent-style UV nail lamp?

Question 335: Is there such a thing as a nail plate that is too oily? I know we need to remove the oils before we can apply the coating, but many nail techs blame their client’s lifting on having too oily of a nail plate.

Question 336: I have had numerous clients who nails turned yellow with white spots over the entire nail. I use all new good products and a UV sterilizer and spray my files before reusing them.

Question 337: My dad’s nails are severely rigid and split often. Any advice?

Question 338: If acetone can catch fire from “static”, why is it safe to use in salons?