Episode #87 

Question 324: Do nail product vapors rise or fall? My dust collector has a moveable arm and I want to know where to position it so the filters can remove both vapors and dust and give the best effect.

Question 325: I recently  saw a motorized mask that is supposed to draw in air and remove dusts and all harmful particulates, carcinogens, dust, smoke and other dangerous pollutants in the air you breathe.

Question 326: I wonder about the technique of dry foot filing and feel it’s an unhealthy practice since surely you must be breathing in the dry dead skin cells, so what if the client has a fungal infection. Can it spread more easily through the air with dry foot filing?

Question 327: When I apply any fast-dry nail lacquer or top coat over ABS plastic nails, they dry to a frosted finish, especially the holographic or chrome pigments. It is monsoon season in India and very humid these days. I do not have air condition installed, so I keep windows open for ventilation.  Could this be the reason for frosted finish and how can I solve this issue?