Episode #85

Question 315: Does acrylic powder go bad?  Can I use fresh monomer with the 10 year-old powder I just found in a drawer?  FYI, it moved easily when I shook the airtight jar.

Question 316: Can the colorants in some powders breakdown into anything that was dangerous or harmful.  They fade with age. Do they produce any dangerous by-products?

Question 317: I work in a very warm room and my polish is on a shelf. I have blackout blinds to stop the sun but it’s still warm. Can the heat affect the gel polish?

Question 318:  If a client from another salon has MMA acrylic on her nails and wants a refill, what impact is this going to have on the natural nail?

Question 319: Are some people not suited for liquid and powder? Will some nails be more compatible with UV gel and not liquid and powder?  I feel that some clients lift because they overuse their nails as tools or put them in too much into water. Is it possible to have zero lifting on every client?

Question 320: Can you confirm that some UV gels heat up and burn more than others?

Question 321: My client injured her nail 18 months ago, and it lifted from nail bed. I do not put UV gel on this nail, I just polish it. Her doctor says it is not infected and may reattach in time, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.  Is there any advice you could give us that may help restore her nail?

Question 322: My local supplier told me that the dip systems use a powder that contains benzoyl peroxide acts as an antibacterial agent, making it ok to dip numerous people’s fingers into the powder.  Is this correct?

Question 323: I love working with liquid and powder, but the odor is really affecting my sinuses. Do you think they’ll ever come up with a monomer kinder to the atmosphere