Episode #84

Question 310:  You say that UV gels should be tested to ensure they are properly cured by a nail lamp and this is done to help prevent permanent skin allergies to products.   How is this type of testing done?

Question 311: I received an excellent Question from a very dear friend in Italy who asked, “Are there ingredients that are not good and should be avoided?”

Question 312: What are your thoughts of the “one vs three bead” acrylic method?  Which method is superior and why?

Question 313:  An occupational dermatology unit in hospital in Glasgow showed I am allergic to HEMA and BISGMA monomers which are in my nail products, and they warned me to avoid all acrylates as they are closely related and once you have an allergy to one you can react to others. I’ve switched to using nitrile gloves and UV gel which seems to help. I’m looking for a sunscreen without acrylates as the doctor advised, but haven’t found any.  Should I continue using the one I have, even though it contains acrylates copolymers?

Question 314: I gave an elderly woman a manicure and her right hand got swollen and her cuticles turned a blackish color. The doctor put her on antibiotics. I’m absolutely dumbfounded as I use highest safety and sanitation. What could the cause be?