Episode #82

Question 301: I had acrylic nails applied a few days ago, and now have swelling, redness and blistering. Should I take an allergy medication before removal or application? I’ve had them done a dozen times, same  product, and I even had a break before getting a these done.

Question 302: If I dipped a nipper or other tool into continually boiling water, at what temperature would the tool be sterile or to what percentage pathogen free?

Question 303: What is in the dip systems and wrap activators and how do they work?

Question 304: What causes center pocket lifting when liquid and powder are applied to the nail plate?

Question 305: State Board visited our salon yesterday and told us we are mandated by disinfection regulations to use 7.5 cups of bleach in a 5 gallon pedicure tubs for disinfection, which is a 9 to 1 ratio. Does this sound crazy to you?

Question 306: I have always used brush cleaners on my acrylic brushes, now I’m told brush cleaner ruins your bristles and they should only be wiped on kitchen towel to clean them.  But, I’m concern that powder would remain in the brush if I cleaned it with monomer?