Episode #80

Question 293: Does the application of topical keratin do anything for the nail?  Why is this ingredient used in nail products for strengthening? Wouldn’t it just sit on top of the nail?

Question 294: I used cured dried flowers, purchased from a nail art supplier, on a few of my nails between the color layer and topcoat of gel polish. During cure I felt an awful heat spike only on the nails with the flowers. The next morning these fingers were throbbing, hot and itchy.  I discovered small dark bruises exactly where the flowers were placed. Within a few days my plates separate from the bed. Could the colored dye in flowers react with the Gel topcoat to cause this?

Question 295: How can sterile implements cause infections when they are used to cut the skin around the nail plate?

Question 296: I accidentally ripped off have the acrylic from my nails and now the plate is split and the nail bed is exposed. My nail tech wants to do a cosmetic reconstruction of the plate using UV gel. Is this safe? Some have told me that it’s ok, just as long there is no bleeding.