Episode #78

Question 282: What’s the latest information about UV nail lamp safety?

Question 283: What about blending of UV gel colors from the same manufacturers? Could you mix two colored UV gels to create a different color? What about mixing white builder and sculpting gel to make a milky color that’s not such a bold white?

Question 284: Do you have an opinion on using colored gel polish to tint acrylic? I saw a Youtube video where this is being done.

Question 285: I have a question about the vitamin E used in nail oils. I’m told that synthetic vitamin E is as good as natural vitamin E. What chemical name should I look for on the ingredient list.

Question 286:  I want to know about safety concerns for nail techs who will work in the salon for 8+ hour days while pregnant. Is this a big No-no and too risky?

Question 287: I noticed a methacrylate is an ingredient in my nail glue.  Is this the same as MMA, which is a banned substance in some places?