Episode #76

Question 269: I’ve been told that some hospitals disinfect, then clean and then sterilize.  That’s not what most salons do, so why don’t they do the same as hospitals, if they want to protect clients?

Question 270: My hand that holds my client’s hands had a problem a few years ago with HEMA monomer, now I’m using HEMA-free product and wear nitrile gloves at all times, but my skin is shredding, burning and itchy. I’m absolutely devastated as nails are my life. What can I do?

Question 271: Prior to opening, I’m told that nail adhesives are best kept stored in a refrigerator. What is the reason for this?  What happens to a sealed unopened bottle at room temp to warrant it being stored in a fridge?

Question 272: I read a thread on Facebook about a client who went home, took a bath and one of her nails popped off.  It was stated that water is a big no-no within the first 24 hours after application, so no bathing or showering. Your book states that properly applied product forms a tight seal with the nail plate so oils cannot get underneath to cause separation and lifting.  Is this the same with water?

Question 273: What leads to salons being sued? Can they be sued if they didn’t intend to hurt the client and it was an accident.

Question 274: Sanitizing” is NOT the same as “Disinfecting”.

Question 275: Why are odorless monomer products weaker?