Episode #75

Question 260: A friend stated that acrylics ruined her nails because it has a chemical in it that is used in embalming fluid……naturally this has given me cause for concern. Is this true?

Question 262: Dipping Systems and two-part acrylic both use acrylic powders.  Are those made from Poly Ethyl methacrylate better than those made from acrylate copolymers?  I was taught that ANY traditional acrylic polymer could be used for a dipping system and that some are more finely milled, into finer particles, and therefore preferred because they are less cloudy.

Question 263: My clients went to a local cancer clinic in Australia who told her the dark stripe in her nail plate meant she had cancer and told her to come back if it got worse.

Question 264: I started getting oncholysis and then moisture getting trapped in between nail bed and plate caused repetitive fungal problems.

Question 265: Why can’t I choose which top coat I want to use with my favorite base coat? Aren’t all top coats basically the same? Most have similar ingredients, so what’s the difference? If not, what ingredients make them different?

Question 266: If you attach stones with UV gel, you will always have under cured material on your nails and this is not ok, right?

Question 267: What become broken down when the nail ‘seal’ breaks? I suffer with this occasionally and my nail become sore, especially when I use a nail cleanser.

Question 268: Does the US FDA believe UV nail lamp are safe?