Episode #69

Question 229: I have two clients that asked me if they can do artificial nails as they both have some form of blood cancer. Any advice on what products can be used on these clients as they are on medication but really want to do their nails.

Question 230: I’ve read that Jojoba oil is able to penetrate the nail plate and that it helps to mix it with Vitamin E, to get it into the nail plate, as well.  If this is a matter of molecular size, how is nail penetration possible with Vitamin E?  Isn’t that like they try to get a camel through a needle eye and wouldn’t it just remain only on the surface?

Question 231: In places where it is too cold, salons are heating the monomer in baby bottle warmer. Is this wise to do?

Question 232:  Can I pick your brain on cuticle guard products. I have not yet used them…I think they look smart, and could save time when cleaning after stamping, but I’m not sure they are safe to use. Are they safe or can they cause some negative reaction?

Question 233: Is the eponychium part of the proximal nail fold or is the proximal nail fold part of the eponychium?

Question 234: Wondering about your thoughts on embedding REAL shedded snake skin into UV gel nails? This seems horrifying to me, because snakes carry salmonella. Can the skin be disinfected properly? I’m seeing nail educators saying it can.  Will you “shed” some light on this topic?