Episode #68

Question 1: My local council is threatening my business because of complaints about odor from residents upstairs above our salon.  I can’t find any data that gives the odor detection level of EMA. Would you know what it is? 

Question 2: When the nail plate starts to crack, is that a sign that you are allergic to the products? 

Question 3: A client of mine read in a beauty magazine that she should bring her own tools and autoclave them at home using her oven. Thought I’d get your scientific take on this so I could better explain it to her when she comes in. 

Question 4: I heard an educator say in class that isopropyl alcohol is a carcinogenic, is this true?

Question 5: If I use an LED nail lamp on a product designed for traditional UV nail lamps, will the UV gel become over cured? 

Question 6: Should e-files be used to remove hardened tissue at the base of the nail plate or is this an overly aggressive technique. 

Question 7: Can you explain the downside risks of filing the side walls of the nail plate? 

Question 8: Why are UV gels thick and can anything be added to thinned them out?