Episode #67

Question 1: I received an e-mail that said even tiny traces of the known carcinogens in cosmetics are unsafe. Is this true?

Question 2:: Where does the term “FDA approved” com

Question 3: “Do you think it’s possible to have such a product that nails techs can have in their salon to detect fungus infections? Not so I can diagnosis them but so that I can use it to recommend they see their doctor and get this sorted before we can continue on with the service”.

Question 4: “Is the such a thing as a Universal acrylic nail powder that works with any monomer liquid?”.

Question 5: Do LED gels cure from the bottom up and is therefore more resistant to breakdown, while the UV gels curing top down and are less resistant?

Question 6: A friend has an allergy that she believes is caused by uncured gel on the nail plate entering the body through this route, but I suspect it is from over exposure to the UV gel or dusts.  Aren’t the molecules of ingredients too large to enter the nail plate?