Episode #63

Question 1:  I know some medications that cause a heightened UV skin sensitivity. Is this the case when doing nails, as well?

Question 2:   I have several clients with Pterygium that extends onto the nail plate. Can it be pushed back gently? I don’t want to cause any harm.

Question 3:  What is the best way to pick an effective salon disinfectant? Can’t I just look at a disinfectant label to see how many kinds of microbes it can kill and chose the one that kills the most? What about bleach?  Is it effective?

Question 4:   I have a long-term client with no issues apart from some surface peeling. Now suddenly, the nails plates are badly stained, after wearing a dark red color.  I’m sure I’m properly curing with the correct UV nail lamp and I use a thin layer of base coat.

Question 5:  My initial UV gel training was poor and I overexposed myself before I knew it was a problem.  Now, despite taking plenty of precautions I have severe reactions. I am very careful to use nitrile gloves and protect my hands, but sadly it’s not working.