Episode #58

Question 1:  I’ve been told that nail plate yellowing is due to nitrocellulose and not pigment stains. Recently, I used a different base/top coat and the client’s nails after the removal of a light lavender color nail polish were very yellow. Normally my clients don’t have this type of yellowing no matter of the color of the polish they are wearing.

Questions 2:  A technician in my salon removed her UV gel polish by putting her feet in a bag of acetone then proceeded with a Dremel tool.  Does the skin on the feet absorb differently than the skin on our hands?  Isn’t a Dremel primarily meant for woodworking not salons?   Can you explain why a Dremel is not a good idea in comparison to the tools we have specific to our industry?

Questions 3:  My nail primer freezes at low temperatures in the bottle at it takes around 30 minutes to completely out thaw.  I’ve heard many contradictory information from suppliers. Is a thawed primer ok to use?

Questions 4:  Can we be allergic to the dust of one gel product and not another? I have been having severe swelling, redness and itching of the skin around my eyes. I have recently been using a new line of gel to try for a few weeks now. I’ve ruled out all other things I use on my face. This seems to be the only consistent thing. I have no issues anywhere else but my eyes.

Questions 5:  Once I have finished applying the nail enhancement, can I ask the client to wash their hands?

Question 6:  Why do people put this poison on their nails? I’ll never do that again after the horror I’ve been through.  Natural is the only safe choice.