Episode #57

Question 1:  If I use pure 99% isopropyl alcohol to cleanse the nail plate, can I say for certain that it will remove all the surface oils and moisture from the nail plate?

Question 2:  I remove my client’s nail coatings with pure acetone, using the foil and cotton method. After about 5 minutes some of their nails will start to curl inward. Why and what can I do to prevent this.

Question 3:  Aren’t all acrylic nail powders just a blend of ethyl and methyl methacrylate? Aren’t the basically all the same?

Question 4:  I watched a manufacturer’s instructional video which states that white spots on the nail plate are caused by dehydration. The removal technique they used was somewhat forceful. Many nail techs will use these forcing methods thinking they are following the manufacturer recommendation. What do you think about this?

Question 5:  My elderly client has worn acrylics for over 20 years. She has poor circulation and cold hands, so her nails lift a lot. I’ve tried everything; overlays, new tips and overlays, and warming her hands up before her service and during application. I think she needs to take a “nail break” and recondition her nails, but she doesn’t want to. What would you suggest I can do to either improve her wearability or get her to take a break?