Episode #56

Question 1: What makes the nail plate turn black?

Question 2: What could cause a nail plate to turn grey?

Question 3: I was taught not to give a pedicure to a client with athletics feet. Rather suggest that they see a physician but often they become very defensive about it. How can I help without offending the client?

Questions 4: How flammable is Gel Polish and is this why some are classified as “hazardous substance” for shipping? I have to travel with my nail products and some airlines are happy for you to check these products in luggage and others aren’t.

Questions 5: Here in Europe many nail technicians cut the skin with scissors or other cutting devices. What do you think about that? Some well-known nail designers are doing so.

Questions 6: What your opinion on the gel polish ‘steam off’ machines and how safe they are in regards to the vapors being emitted and breathing them in! I like the idea but steaming off the nails, but acetone vapors sounds dangerous and smelly!