Episode #52

Question 1:  A debate has come up about Beau’s lines.  I know that it typically occurs due to illness but, can trauma to the nail fold, injury or even a client habitually rubbing and picking at the eponychium area cause Beau’s lines or can matrix injury cause the nail plate to grow in the Beau’s line-like waves?

Question 2:  What does “cosmetic grade” mean?  I have formulated a nail paint with a non-toxic airbrush medium that claims that there are no health hazards for intended use, but warns to avoid ingestion, excessive skin contact, and inhalation of spraying mists, sanding dusts, and concentrated vapors.  The company claims the formula is a “proprietary blend” and they won’t tell me the ingredients.  I am mixing the medium with pigments that are FDA approved for use in cosmetics.  What all must I do to ensure this blend is safe and can be sold for this use?

Question 3:  Is there a way to create a test it that could identify MA monomer in nail liquids?  I want to give salons a way to determine if the product they use contains MMA.

Question 4:  Can you give me your opinion on using an electric file with a 180 grit mandrel band on the natural nail please?  I have always been lead to understand that it is not good practice to use an electric file at all on natural nails but recently it has been demonstrated to me and it looks no different than a hand file.  I teach at college and privately, can you give me an answer on what is acceptable?