Episode #47

Question 1:  I live in a very cold part of Australia and having difficulty with my acrylic taking so long to set. I have adjusted my mix ratio, tried monomer warmers, adding a few drops of acetone but nothing helps. What is the difference between fast set monomers and speed set powders? I’m confused because some say the liquid is the controller of speed but others say I should use speed powders.

Question 2:  What makes the nails grow upwards, in Denmark we call them “ski hop” nails or even “ski jumping” nails. What is the cause?

Question 3:  I was wondering if you have any scientific information you would be willing to share in regards to acrylic nail salons vs non-acrylic. I am moving to a bigger location and these ridiculous ventilation requirements are being forced on me as if we were an acrylic nail salon. We ONLY do gels and natural nails, so we are almost odorless.

Question 4: They are trying to enforce these new building codes because of fumes and flammability. They don’t seem to understand the difference between odor free gels and acrylics. Can you help? I cannot afford to adhere to these codes.