Episode #45

Question 1:  My client has nails plates that are peeling and her nail beds have become sore and irritated. A doctor has diagnosed her with an allergy to the UV gel manicure product that I have been using for years. I do things by the book, use a well-known systems and exactly follow all of their education and instructions. I use the correct UV nail lamp and change all UV bulbs regularly, according to the indicator on the nail lamp. So why she have an allergic reaction? I am stumped!!  Would it not affect her hands or the area surrounding her nail?

Questions 2:  My client told me she peeled her UV manicure polish off her toes. When informed her that by doing this she could pull off a layer of her natural nail, her response was, “Considering that acetone does the same, this is tit for tat.” So my question is first, how healthy is it for us to soak our clients gel polish off with acetone? Second, what are the long term effects on client’s nails? Between peeling and soaking, which of these two choices are the better alternative?

Question 3:  I have noticed that a lot of nail polishes are claiming to be “gel”, but you don’t have to use a nail lamp. Are they truly a gel product, then?  Doesn’t there have to be a certain percentage of gel in them to make the claim?

Question 4:  I haven’t seen this in a while, but we recently clients French Gel Polish is starting to turn grey. I have read it is coming from some dye she is picking up from maybe a newspaper or new pair of jeans, etc. Why does this happen?