Episode #44

Question 1:  “Aren’t the nail primers that used to be put on the nail plate, now they are being put into the products making them harder to remove.”

Question 2:   “What is it that makes a one-step UV gel not have a sticky surface while some three-step UV gels have a sticky layer?

Question 3:  Since soaking can flatten the curve of the nail plate is it best to go waterless with manicures and pedicures when following with any coating or enhancement, leaving the water soaks for clients that want their nails to be natural

Questions 4:  “I heard a report on TV that said a new cosmetic danger was a preservative called methyl-cholor-iso-thiazo-linone and that it is cause skin allergies, yet is was used in hypoallergenic and natural products. Why is that so, if it causes allergies?

Question 5:  I am doing my Certification II nail technology training and one of the questions in my assessment on Gel Nail Enhancements is a scenario about the client being upset because even after correct removal their nails appeared to be weak and brittle. The question asks how I would explain that their appearance is not unusual after removal of gel nails. I have never had this problem. The final part of the question asks what recommendations I could make to the client in order to get her nails back into a healthy condition, which suggests that the enhancement has actually made the nail unhealthy. I think the question is insulting to careful nail professionals that don’t create this type of nail damage. Am I correct?

Question 6:  Another nail professional Australia asks, “What is happening with clients with extended hyponychium’s which seem to stretch from underneath the free edge?

Question 7:  I was reading in your great book “Nail Structure and Product Chemistry” about the making of a polymer powder and the ingredients such as pigments and the misconception about grinding and sifting the powder. It made me wonder, because the brand of nail powder I use in my salon is always consistent in color, but the brand that I teach with in when I open it up to use as opposed to another brand I teach with at college, which always seems to have some of the color separated and needs to be “stirred” and sometimes that doesn’t help and the colors are a bit spotted. Why does this occur?