Episode #42

Question 1:  “I have a questions about nail glues. Some say nail glue is safe to use on skin to seal an open sore as it was the same as liquid skin, but that super glue was not a skin grade glue and could cause cancer. Could you please let me know if it is this is true?”

Question 2:  “What does cosmetic-grade mean”?

Questions 3:  It seems that you say that nail plate thickening is a result of a fungus, but my school teaching me that sometimes its fungus and sometimes just a normal aging process, but they don’t explain how to tell the difference. Now they tell me I have to do pedicures on clients with thickening nail plates. Is nail plate thickening always a result of fungus? How do I know if it’s safe to work on a client with a thickened nail plate?

Question 4:   When I was in nail school, I asked my instructor why loose “skin” keeps popping out under the free edge of the nail plate. Instead of explaining what it was or why it happened, she demonstrated using a buffer to remove the loose “skin” before polishing. I’m sure it loosens up from under the free edge due to soaking in the manicure bowl. My question: Is this SKIN or CUTICLE? Does cuticle grow from under the free edge? There is definitely some sort of tissue sticking to the underside of the free edge.