Episode #41

Question 1:  A nail professional inn Canada asked me this,
“I’ve been hearing that some nail techs are using colored inks and marker pens to create nail art. Even though these aren’t made for cosmetic use, can’t they still be  used safely for cosmetic use? There are many examples of things that were not originally used for nail art, but are now sold as cosmetics. Glitter for example. Weren’t they safe all along, even though they weren’t originally made for cosmetics?

Questions 2:  A nail professional from Australia asks, “I feel there’s a lot of misinformation going around on the internet about the ingredient called HEMA. One company using HEMA scare tactics to promote their HEMA free products. And are using these scare tactics to bully, rather than inform. What can you say about HEMA and HEMA-free claims.

Questions 3:  “What is the technical definition for the term “Overexposure” in terms of product exposure and UV exposure.”