Episode #40

Question 1:  One of my clients has an index finger with bad ridges going from right to left across width of her nail plate.  Suddenly she developed a weird green color under her the plate. A doctor told her it was infected and he put a whole it the nail to drain it.  She lost the nail completely but it is starting to grow back. Do you have any idea what would cause something like this?

Question 2:   I am spending a lot of time rebalancing gel nails by way of manual filing.  Sometimes spending an hour if I take over another nail tech’s client. How do you feel about electric filing?

Questions 3:  Why do some products not require filing of the nails?  The fingernail is oily and we were always taught to remove the gloss.  Why do some product application not require this.

Question 4:  My question is about UV light boxes that non-standard salons and hairdressers use for disinfection. Do these work?

Question 5:  Are ceramic electric-file bits “self-disinfecting”?