Episode #39

Question 1:  A nail professional in California, US asks,
I’ve heard what you said about UV exposure, but a few customers are still concerned even after I give them all of your information. Now what? I know you said wearing SPF 15 sunscreen works, but I don’t want sunscreen being applied in my salon. Its messy can cause lifting. So what else can I do?

Questions 2:  I’ve been looking at MSDS’s and comparing gel polishes. How do I tell if it’s a good one or not? What should I look out for exactly? And… what should I steer clear of? What would be the gel polish with the best case scenario ingredients?

Question 3:  Could you please give me a little information on pinching enhancements? There are so many conflicting opinions!

Question 4:  Does soaking in acetone changed the structure of the nail plate? Will it make the nails curl more?