Episode #37

Question 1:  I really like the thought process that went into the next question. A nail pro from Tennessee, USA recently told me that me, one of her students had a client wearing UV gel polish for two years. One day after removing the gel polish, the client’s fingers were swollen and red around the nail plate. At first she assumed it was a skin reaction to the acetone-base remover, but the client had her nails done elsewhere and didn’t have the same problems.

Question 2:  In a recent discussion on Facebook, a question was raised about the safety of metal nail implements that have become rusted. A concern was raised that the rust could present a risk to clients. … why do metal implements rust and is the rust dangerous?

Question 3:  A nail professional in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA said,
I’m confused about doing a gel manicure with water or without water? What is the proper procedure? I have been told both.

Question 4:  A nail professional in New Yory, USA asked,
I use rubber-based silicone toe separators, not the porous type. Can these be sanitized and then disinfected adequately? Do you think these will deteriorate from liquid disinfectants over time? Can these sterilized in a autoclave?