Episode #35

Question 1:  I asked this question of Facebook and no one knew the answer, so I decided I should discuss why nail plates snap off at the free edge rather than split?

Question 2:  A nail pro in my home state, Iowa, USA asked, “What is the fuzzy white stuff on the surface of the nail plate after I remove nail polish from my clients toenails? It started on one toe and now other toes have these same spots. They file off easily, so I don’t think it is surface damage, and they don’t go away when the nail plate is wet, so I don’t think this is surface dehydration?”

Question 3:  A nail professional in Sweden asked, What is a Koebner reaction? My client had one and her doctor said it was from my manicure, but I don’t see how it could be since I sterilize my implements.

Question 4:  A nail pro in Bromsgrove, England said, “I keep seeing posts stating, ‘the client has oily nail plates, that’s why acrylic and gel polish doesn’t last.”  Click to watch answer. My understanding is the nail bed doesn’t have oil glands so this isn’t possible. Clients can have creams or oils on their hands and they have not been washed correctly and the main reasons for gels and acrylics lifting is incorrect prep, not using correct ratios, mixing products or not using the correct lamp. Can you give me the correct scientific answer please?