Episode #32

Question 1:  I have been hearing a lot about ionic/detoxifying foot baths lately, and I was wondering if you could give me your opinion about them?  Do they really work? I find it hard to believe that toxins can be removed in the way.

Question 2: We have all heard that lemon juice help’s flaking nails. To my knowledge lemon is acidic and acid corrodes, right? Is lemon juice good for nails?

Question 3:  Can bacteria or viruses grow in a waxing pot by double dipping and in paraffin? I heard that a client a got MRSA from double dipping in a wax pot.  Can this happen? Let me know what you think.

Question 4:  If we use good sanitizing procedure how close are we to 100% clean is something compared to sterilization with an autoclave?

Question 5:  How important is it to use the correct ratios when mixing disinfectant solutions and will too much or too little water not properly clean implements? Also, do ultrasonic devices help any with a better clean up of implements?