Episode #21

Question 1: I’ve heard that the nail won’t absorb anything and I hear it absorbs just about everything. What are the facts?

Question 2: What is the safest and best way to switch a client from an enhancement to a UV gel manicure coating? Is it better to slowly grow out the enhancement or remove it properly and then apply the UV manicure coating?  I feel like my client’s nails look so weak and fragile after an enhancement removal, that I fear removal all together. So I grow out enhancements by gradually thinning the existing product and applying the UV manicure service.   But then I get chipping and flaking.

Question 3:  I have one client who “believes” that soaking them off her enhancements with her foiled finger in a plastic bag sitting in a bowl of warm water is less irritating for her skin than foiled and placed under a 60w incandescent bulb. I’m worried that having the nails in a moist rather than dry while soaking is a bad idea. She claims her skin is itchy the next day when we place the foils under the warming glow of the bulb. The water method takes longer, leaks and is incredibly inefficient. I’ve suggested to her to use no heat.  No water. No warming lamp. But she won’t listen. I buff the top coat to break the seal, wrap with remover soaked in a cotton ball and wrap in tin foil. What do you think?