Episode #20

Question 1: I have a client that was recently diagnosed with an MRSA infection.  I know these are more serious that typical infections, so I wonder if I should refuse to provide her services. Or, should I be doing something different to protect myself? What if I accidentally cut her, what should I do?

Question 2:  What are the proper precautions to take if you cut a client?

Question 3:  What can you tell me about acetone? Does it affect the natural nail and does it harm it in any way? I hoping you can help shed light on this endless internet debate.

Question 4:  I had a client who was a very bad nail biter for years, she is also a nurse who has extremely damaged nails with deep grooves that don’t appear to be infected. She asked me to help by giving her UV gels to help her stop biting. I thought this was a great idea since her nails were so damaged she could be a health hazard on her job. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t there a less likely a chance of bacteria growing on top of the enhancement particularly UV gel because it is not as porous as other nail coatings? She bites her nails so badly that she has to put band aids on them because they hurt so much. What should I do?