Episode #18

Question 1: Could you please outline the best way to clean and disinfect nail files that aren’t made of metal, glass or fiberglass. I’ve been told that porous nail files can’t be disinfected and know some people dispose of them after each use which gets expensive! I bet there are countless technicians around the world using these and not doing it properly! A spray of a sanitizer for tools and
implements may not be the best? What do you think?

Question 2:  I explain the importance of home maintenance, use of a high quality nail oil, etc. and even give each client written home maintenance and a free nail oil, but they just don’t do it and continually have service breakdown because of the nail plate and product being too dry. If you have any ideas to share about how you would encourage client cooperation I would love to hear

Question 3:  Wondering if you have any scientific backing of what
temperature/how to store nail polish? What about cold? Does it damage them in any way or is it ok to store them in the cold?

Question 4:  I have always been made to believe that acid primers are not advisable to use as it destroys the natural nail by slowly eating it away. But recently I heard that acid primers are the only way of “opening” up the layers of the nail to create better adhesion of the acrylic to the natural nail and that acid free primer/borders are only a sticky substance that will only help adhere products to the very top layer of the natural nail?