Episode #16

Question 1:  There are a couple of toenail reconstruction products on the professional market now that claim you can apply the product directly to the nail bed. These products have been used by podiatrists for years. Yet we’ve always been told never to let monomer or uncured gels near the skin, let alone the nail bed! Can you explain the contradiction?

Question 2:  I understand that acetone and other prep products dehydrate the nail plate only temporarily and that nail oils counteracts the effect quite well.  Does nail polish or UV gel polish dehydrate the nail at all?

Question 3:  Does filing in only one direction (towards the center) really help the nail?

Question 4:  Are glass nail files really better for natural nails?

Question 5:   I have noticed in particular that older ladies, say 60 + have a lot thicker nails that are sometimes challenging to cut even with professional equipment!  Also, sometimes this is accompanied by a thickening of the nail bed underneath which attaches itself to the nail plate as it grows. I never cut the nail bed as this can cause all manner of problems, least of which is bleeding. In severe cases the nail bed grows with the nail plate, not on all toes, but usually on one or two toes. What causes thickening of the nail plate in this age group?

Question 6:  I have a question about metal cuticle pushers – I would like to know how dangerous it is to use a metal pusher vs a rubber pusher with cuticle remover? I’m really slow with a rubber pusher and cuticle remover as I try to be as absolutely thorough as I possibly to get good adhesion, but I am concerned about how much damage they could cause. Is it OK to use a metal pusher if you’re super careful and gentle or should they be avoided entirely?