Episode #15

Question 1:  A friend of mine has great toe nail is halfway separating from the nail bed from the free edge back. Now it’s turned deep yellow.  Her other toes seem to be ok, except the other great toe nail is uneven and a little wavy looking. How can she have normal nail growth again? Or she did a damage her nails. She is a personal trainer and runs a lot. Can the type of shoe make a difference?  She recently started using a new type of shoe.

Question 2:  As a nail professional I use professional products, but I would like to know a couple things about the DIY kits on the market. First of all, knowing how sloppy many people are when painting their own nails, aren’t home gel polish kits an overexposure reaction waiting to happen? It’s my theory that in the next couple of years we are going to see an upswing in people allergic to enhancement products. What are your thoughts?