Episode #13

Question 1: Does it make sense to file the natural nail before applying a nail coating that’s designed to be removed every two weeks?

Question 2: Its summer! That means more pedicures and more dry feet.  Clients want their feet to be nice and supple for summer. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Does the sun dry our feet? Why do they get hard at the bottom sole?  What should we suggest to clients when they want their feet to be supple and soft for summer? I’ve been told rubbing Vaseline and sleeping with socks helps.
What are the facts?

Question 3:  Does filing the sides of the natural nail really weaken the free-edge? I’ve been given this myth as a reason for the square shape many times!

Question 4:  The area of my school in which I perform services is not as well-lit as I need. I want to purchase a table lamp, but I realized that some of the lamps are LED. Will an LED table lamp affect LED-cured gels? What type of close lighting would you suggest?

Question 5: Can you explain a bit more about the nail breathing and the cuticle area breathing? I told a nail student once that the nail doesn’t breathe so you don’t need to give your nails a rest from any Nail coatings and she said but the cuticle breathes?

Question 6:  I bought a tool that allows me to pinch in the sidewalls of the artificial nail before it cures to get a deeper C-curve. Is this ok, or can pinching like this cause problems down the road?