Episode #11

Question 1:  Why do top coats get stringy when applied?

Question 2:  We have a difficult salon client that has ridges in her nail plates.   She doesn’t allow me or any of the other nail techs to buff them because she says that the buffing will cause them crack and bleed. I explained to her that light buffing will not make them bleed. What is a good way to explain to her that buffing is ok?

Question 3: I ask all my clients to wash their hands before a service, but the lead tech in our salon says that causes lifting. I don’t have lifting any lifting problems, so am I right to do this?

Question 4: I use a few brands of decorated adhesive nail strips. When I remove them, some clients develop large whitish patches on the nail plate.  Why does this happen and how can I stop it. My clients are blaming me.

Question 5:  How do nail polish drying drops and sprays work?