Episode #10

Question 1:  You said in an earlier episode that autoclaves need maintenance and testing to verify they’re working properly. Can you give us more information about how this is best done?

Question 2:  Does the nail plate absorb any chemicals in any of the products we use? I want to be able to provide my clients with the most accurate information possible. I know our nail plates can absorb moisture via water and oil but do they absorb acetone and other chemicals through gel polish, acrylics or regular
nail lacquers?

Question 3: If polish the nails of children, should I use water based polish instead? What are your thoughts on those types of products?

Question 4:  What about applying nail enhancements to children under 16?  I’ve been told that this is unsafe?  Why?

Question 5:  Aren’t vegan claims for foods and not for cosmetics? What about vegan nail polish?