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EPISODE 32 – Fraudulent ionic/detoxifying foot spa devices exposed, skin reactions from citrus juice nail treatments; hair removal waxing risks, disinfection vs. sterilization; properly mixing disinfectants and using ultrasonic cleaners. (Members Only)

In Episode 32, Doug exposes fraudulent claims about ionic/detoxifying foot spa devices/pads and the potentially harmful practice of apply lemon/lime juice to nails; risk of transmitting infections during hair removal waxing, the effectiveness of disinfection compared to sterilization; the importance of properly mixing disinfectants and the usefulness of ultrasonic cleaners.

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Time:  17 minutes and 29 seconds


Terms to Search:  Ionic, detox, foot bath, toxins, color change, water color, lemon, lime, citrus, juice, nail, nail plate, allergic reaction, phytophotodermatitis, rash, blister, UV exposure, sunlight, bacteria, virus, MRSA, wax hair removal, wax pot, implements, hand dip, clean, sanitize, sanitizer, disinfect, sterilize, pathogen, ultrasonic, disinfectants, diluting, scrub brush

EPISODE 22 – Acetone purity effects on nail coating adhesion; Celiac disease and gluten in nail polish; why some UV cure nail colors “pull back” from the edges (Free Content)

In Episode 22 Doug discusses the effects of acetone purity on nail coating adhesion and how to test purity, whether wheat or gluten in nail polish can affect those with Celiac disease and why some UV cure nail colors pull back more from the edge of the nail plate when they cure or may be more difficult to apply.

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Time:  16 minutes and 55 seconds

Key Words:  Acetone, impurities, purity, adhesion, oily residue, wheat, gluten, Celiac disease, nail polish, nail penetration, absorption, ingestion, shrinkage, pull back, cross-linking, photoinitiator, under cure, allergic, adverse skin reaction, UV gel, gel polish, nail lamp, color, shades, colorants, pigments,  workability, cyanoacrylate monomer, liquid and powder, fiberglass wraps, no-light gels, tip adhesives, acrylates, methacrylates, proper cure, durability, surface oils, natural nail

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EPISODE 19 – Safety concerns with ingesting essential oils; preventing adverse skin reactions with essential oils; using essential oils properly and safely (Members Only)

Episode 19 discusses an important safety concern about the risks of ingestion of essential oils and some of the myths surrounding this potentially risky practice, as well as the increase potential for skin irritation and allergy when pure, undiluted essential oils are applied to the skin.

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Time:  17 minutes and 40 seconds

Key Words:  Essential oil, aromatherapy oil, therapeutic, therapeutic grade, standards, chemical-free, chemical, overexposure, allergic reaction, irritation, digestive tract, antibacterial, antibiotic , Alliance of International Aromatherapists, myths, detoxifying, skin protection, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, pure, natural, toxins, adverse skin reactions, synthetic toxicants, toxin-free, natural, nature, clinical level training

EPISODE 14 – How different abrasives effect the nail plate; why some UV gel colors fade; how water pH and pH balancers affect the nail (Free Episode)

Episode 14 Doug discusses how different abrasives affect the natural nail and why certain grits shouldn’t be used. Why do some UV gel colors fade, while others are more resistant, how water affects the nail plate, as well as, the effects of pH and pH balancers on the nail.

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Time:  17 minutes and 21 seconds

Key Search Terms:  Grit, abrasive, particle size, scratch, hand washing, thinning, water, moisture, soaking, nail plate, absorb, dry nails, damage, swell, UV, color, fade, energy, light, sunlight, discoulor, pH, pH balancer, acidic, alkaline, basic, neutral, breaking systems, adhesion

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